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Precautions and Delivery


Basic operation
No Open Flames at processing site.

Keep away from direct exposure to sunlight, flame, high temperature and high humidity.

SX molding compounds are flammable. If exposed to flame, it will flame up ,which will let out Carbon dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and other toxic gas.

Extinguish the fire by water or extinguisher.

SX molding compounds can be disposed by incineration or landfill. Wear masks, safety goggles and gloves while handling to avoid getting hurt.

Notice on molding
Wear proper uniform to avoid scald. To avoid the decomposition of SX molding compounds, do not keep them in the condition of high temperature for long time.


SX molding compounds forms
SX molding compounds are pellets with uniform size and cylindrical shape.

25Kg standard kraft bag with polyethylene lining. This manner of packing can prevent SX molding compounds from water absorption, and normally requires no predrying before applying.

An inspection certificate can be included with goods if requiring.

Inventory and Supply
Standard grades of SX molding compounds are normally available at short notice.
Special grades of SX molding compounds are manufactured to order, subject to certain minimum quantities.