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Special Grades
According to different applications, add special additives to standard grades or make modification.

Molding compounds with UV absorption enhancedSX-301USX-302USX-303U
Molding compounds with UV absorption agent reduce the UV transmittance of the products made from SX molding compounds.

Molding compounds for easy mold releaseSX-301RSX-302RSX-303RSX-304R
Improve the mold release property of product by adding mold release agent; meanwhile do not affect the transparency.

Molding compounds with impact ductility and strength enhancedSX-302SSX-303S
Modified standard grades by improving the impact ductility and strength are used in lighting and construction industry which require high mechanical properties.

Enhanced LGP grade molding compoundSX-304OP
Improve the purity and light transmission based on SX-304.